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Our Services By A Chiropractor Near Me:

Spinal Manipulation – Chiropractors use Spinal Manipulation to promote joint motion and stimulate tissue repair. Benefits include: neck and back pain relief, decreased recovery time with injuries, increase in range of motion and increased performance.

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Extremity Manipulation – In addition to Spinal Manipulation, a Chiropractor can also manipulate other joints in the body. The Doctor uses this technique on the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hips, knees, and ankles.

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Myofascial Release – Sometimes called Active Release Technique. This includes stretching the affected muscle, tendon or ligament to while holding pressure to release the knots or adhesions. We us this technique to treat muscles spasms, trigger points, pinched nerves, spinal pain, tendonitis and other soft tissue injuries.

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Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression – This is the most advanced technology available today in non-surgical treatment for lower back pain, neck pain, radiating pain and sciatica. Furthermore, there are no side effects like some of the more invasive procedures including injections and surgery.  For more information, visit Friendswood Back Pain Relief.

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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – Also known as Physical Therapy (when performed by a PT or DPT), includes a combination of therapeutic exercises which are used to develop strength and endurance, range of motion and flexibility. Methods may include isotonic, isometric, or isokinetic exercises, and stretching techniques.  Excellent for neck, mid, and lower back pain as well as acute and chronic injury recovery and increasing competitive edge.

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Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization – Practitioners use this to locate and treat soft tissue dysfunction. These tools magnify soft tissue abnormalities, such as scar tissue, restrictions, adhesions and knots. Using a tool focuses the force directly to the injured tissue, allowing treatment with less force, stress, and time. By breaking down the knotted tissues, muscles are able to become more flexible and less painful.

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Electrical Muscle Stimulation – There are many forms of electric muscle stimulation.  This treatment uses low electrical impulses by placing electrode pads on the skin. This treatment option gives us the ability to decrease inflammation and pain.

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Massage – We offer deep tissue and sports massage, trigger point therapy and pregnancy massage in order to reduce pain due to tight muscles.

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Hot and Cold Therapy – We use ice to reduce inflammation and pain. We use heat in an effort relax tight muscles and increase circulation.

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Auto Collision Injury Care – As a member of Houston Injury Solution Network, we strive to make sure you are treated with the proper care, seen by the appropriate specialist and, if necessary, covered by the best legal representation.  As a result, a patient can get the necessary care at little to no out of pocket.

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