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(Eye Opening) Full Spine Adjustment with Chiropractor in Friendswood, TX (Houston, TX area)

(Eye Opening) Full Spine Adjustment with Chiropractor in Friendswood, TX (Houston, TX area)

Chiropractor in Friendswood, TX (Houston area), Dr. Joe Denke, treats Liz for chronic neck pain and lower back pain that resulted years ago after a car accident.

Liz was examined and treated with electrical muscle stimulation, heat and and active release prior to the adjustments.


Dr. Denke

Hey, it’s Dr. Denke at Select Spine and Sports Medicine. We’re here with Liz. She is a personal trainer and first form athlete. So we checked her out before you all came in and she was in a car accident about two years ago. She’s still got some neck stiffness and lower back stiffness from that and it kind of plagues her at the office and while working out, right? So we did some soft tissue work, some active release to try to loosen all that up. And now we’re going to do the adjustment. So I’m going to have you go ahead and lay on your stomach for me. Good. Now just drop your hands down. Very good. So she was mainly stiff right up here. We’re going to start up there.

Now I’m going to put a hand here and here. And I’m going to have you go ahead and breathe in and out. Good. Just relax the back. One more. Good. Okay. Now again, in and all the way out. Good. Relax. Good. And one more time. Good.

Now breathe in and hold your breath in. Good. Perfect. Okay, now relax. So now we’re going to come up here and get this upper thoracic, lower cervical. It’s really tight up here. So I’m going to go here. Just relax here. One more time. Good. Now relax. Same thing here on this side. It’s pretty tight right there. Now relax here. Good. One more. Good. Relax. Good. Okay, now turn on your side facing this way. Feel all right?

Mm-hmm (Affirmative)

Now we’re going to go straight leg on the bottom. Good. All right. Just relax here at the shoulders. I’m going to hold here and I’m going to roll you this way. Relaxed here. Good. All right. Now go the other way. That was all right?

Mm-hmm (Affirmative)

Pretty good on that first one. So here and here. So like I was saying, you work in an office all day at the computer, right?


So a lot of tightness that we see pretty often in the upper trapezius, levator scapulae. Relax right here. Just let me pull your hips around this way. Good. A little more. Perfect. Okay, now lay on your back and then I found a little bit more tightness there on the left side erector spinae and lower back. So we’re going to get to it a little bit more here. Now we’re going to work on these muscles just a little bit more here in the neck. Do a little bit active release. You all can see here. Come in here a little bit closer. So she’s got some tight muscles in this upper cervical. So what I do for that here is just contact and then rotate. Stretch that out. A little applied pressure, and really try to get these to loosen up here. Sometimes these muscles at the base of the skull, top of the neck can become tight and cause headaches. I see that a lot and they’re were a little bit tight on her here. Now we’ll go this way. Does that feel all right?

Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Good. All right. Okay. I’m going to adjust here now. I’m going to start right here and I’m going to pick your head up, and you just leave your neck relaxed. I’m gonna tilt you this way. Does that feel all right there?

Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Good. That feel all right?

Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Good. Now same thing this way. Relax it. Perfect. Very good. That feel all right? Good. I’ll give you a hand up. All right, so that’s it for Miss Liz.


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