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Welcome to Select Spine & Sports Medicine

Select Spine & Sports Medicine is the premier practice in Friendswood for helping you get out of pain fast. Our expert providers utilize cutting-edge technology and patient-centric treatment plans to get you back in motion. This individualized approach works for everyone in each stage of life, from youth to the golden years. We can address the needs of high-performance athletes and assist in injury or even surgery recovery.

With us, you get a personalized approach to high-quality care. Our team of chiropractors, exercise physiologist, and massage therapists are leaders in the field. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Friendswood or a nearby area in Houston, we are eager to meet you and be your source for recovery.

Go here to book an appointment with us or call us on 281-993-2122.

Why Choose Our Chiropractors in Friendswood?

Select Spine & Sports Medicine has a great reputation in Friendswood, TX. We work with everyone, providing conservative care in Friendswood and the Houston area. Our expert chiropractic and physical medicine work can provide the right treatment for all types of injuries and conditions.

This isn’t about us: it’s about you. Everyone is unique. Whether you are a high-performance athlete or recovering from surgery, meeting your needs is our utmost priority. We are proud of our outstanding reputation and the area and we’ve earned it by staying patient-centered.

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Chiropractic Care, Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & More

Select Spine & Sports Medicine is proud of our world class offerings of everything you need to alleviate pain and improve physical function. Our offices are equipped with the latest technological advancements to diagnose issues and provide quality therapy.

Many people come to us for regular, chiropractic care and adjustments. And that’s not all we do! We also have a highly trained team including an exercise physiologist and massage therapists. Our individualized approach to care isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment. We take into account what each patient needs and then provide a conservative care approach to support health and recovery.

Tap on each of these to learn more about individual services at:

Have questions? Go here to contact us and learn more. Read on for more about the specific services we offer and what to expect at your appointment.

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Here’s what you can expect with an appointment at Select Spine & Sports Medicine:

  1. Personal consult: it’s essential that we get to know you and understand not only your health history but how you perceive your condition. We want to fully grasp any pain you are experiencing and be sure that the outcome of treatment matches your personal goals.
  2. Physical examination: before we perform any treatment, we will bring an expert perspective to your physical condition. Our assessment includes evaluating your range of motion, joint movement, muscle strength, reflexes and more.
  3. Diagnosis and treatment plan: based on the two above steps, your consult will result in a thorough treatment plan that is custom-designed to improve your well-being.

Note: in some cases, we will order image scans and more, but only when it is the right decision and necessary to complete the picture of your needs.

Ready to get started? Book an appointment online and meet with one of our doctors to start your treatment.

Your First Visit to Select Spine & Sports Medicine

If it’s your first time with us, welcome!

Here is what to expect when you visit Select Spine & Sports in Friendswood, Texas:

  1. Arrive at your scheduled appointment (1100B S Friendswood Dr, Friendswood 77546)
  2. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are easy to remove.
  3. You will fill out intake paperwork that includes questions about your health history and current condition.
  4. Meet with Dr. Joe Denke or Dr. Joe Fuhrman
  5. Have a personalized consultation and physical exam.
  6. Get a custom treatment plan.
  7. Start on your road to recovery.

It’s important to us that each patient feels valued. You are important and we are committed to providing the highest levels of care to support your health.

Go here to book an appointment using our easy online scheduler.

Feel free to reach out directly and learn more about our services.

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Personalized Treatment
If you are looking for a Chiropractor in Friendswood who offers customized treatment, look no further. You will receive a full individualized treatment that fits your specific diagnosis and goals.
Comfortable Clinic
Our clinic feels comfortable with private rooms for one on one treatment.
Experience Staff
Our staff is well trained and knowledgable in all things injury related!
Licensed Massage Therapists
We also offer massage therapy performed by licensed massage therapist
Therapy Goals
Setting goals is the best way to enjoy a successful outcome
Practitioners Network
Our doctors are in-network with most insurance carriers and will work closely with all your healthcare providers for the best outcomes.

Meet Our Chiropractors in Friendswood

Dr. Joe Denke

Dr. Joe Denke

Our Founder, a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, is the only Chiropractor in Friendswood with this advanced certification. Dr. Denke focuses on fast pain relief and educating patients on what they can do on their own to help achieve long-term relief.

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Dr. Joe Fuhrman

Dr. Joe Fuhrman

Dr. Joe Fuhrman is also a Chiropractor from the Friendswood area. He attended Lutheran South Academy and U of H Clear Lake. Dr. Fuhrman strives to help patients meet their goals as quickly as possible and live a pain fee life.

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See What People Are Saying About Our Chiropractor In Friendswood. . .

My trainer recommended that I start coming here and I have nothing but good things to say! It has made such a huge improvement in my workouts and progress.
Jenae Tate
Jenae T.
This place is A+.Simple as that. I have been to several Chiropractors and can't even find a comparable experience. They go through recommend exercises and great care during massages. The Dr is very attentive to any concerns you have and its not just some get in/out mill. Works through each area of concern with great care and specificity. Whether its sports, car wreck, or just a slept wrong with a pain in the neck I am going here.
Christopher Peters
Christopher P.
Great office with great care. Dr. Denke is an amazing adjuster!
Dr. Serge The Nutrition Scientist
Dr. Serge The Nutrition S.
I just spent the past 80 minutes here and they took care of me the entire time. Didn't wait more than maybe 3 minutes to be seen. Dr.Denke spent the time to explain my issues and the possible reasonings for them, and also made it a point to explain that the goal isn't for me to come back 3x a week(like I have with other chiropractors that would just crack my back and send me on my way), but to actually RESOLVE the problems so I don't have long-term issues like I've had in the past. They showed me exercises to strengthen my weak spots causing other pain. I will definitely be back and would reccomend anybody to them!
My daughter has slight upper spine scoliosis that causes pan her in neck and shoulders. She leaves the office pain free! The office staff is very nice and helpful.
The staff is sweet and very competent. Dr Denkes approach has worked very well for my back pain and I've seen chiropractors for the past 7 years. The massage therapists do an excellent job and it compliments the chiropractic perfectly.
Sophia Felder
Sophia F.
Dr. Denke & his staff are the best ever! I started coming to see them about 2 months ago to help with pain in my thumb & wrist. Turns out I needed a lot more than I thought due to sitting at a desk working on a computer 8 hours a day. They have all been awesome & I highly recommend them!!!
Ive had spasms in my back for a while. After seeing Dr Denke, my back feels way better. They actually spend time with you, rather than a snap crackle, pop.. bye bye. Dr Denke is great. Finally found someone who cares about their patients. THANK YOU
The whole staff is amazing and very personable. They do not rush though your appointment and they make sure you have a clear understanding of your whole treatment process. Dr. Denke is litteraly the best chiropractor i have been to. I highly recommend them to everyone. I tell everyone at my job and at the gym about select spine and sports.
Lacey Arney
Lacey A.
most definitely .....I feel like I am getting better....soon or later I'll be back to myself
Doc Denke. Is amazing. Just started seeing him and I am feeling better. After having 3 back surgerys. Thanks Doc!!
edmundo suarez
edmundo S.
Always come out feeling so relaxed, staff is amazing and really spends time with you, talking and listening. Dr. is great and I love that they want you to get well with exercise, stretching and good healthy choices for a full recovery not just a quick fix to keep you returning! Professional with a smile and style! Thank you!
Sandra Cook
Sandra C.
I started seeing Dr. Denke in October of 2019, after living with back pain for over a year. I had seen the orthopedics, the therapists, the pain management doctors, had the MRIs, injections and nothing was working. At that time, I was being told surgery would be my next option. After my first visit with Dr. Denke, he told me “ I can help you, within a few weeks you’ll start to feel better” I’ll never forget going home and telling my husband and laughing. Boy, did I feel dumb when I apologized to Dr. Denke a few weeks after! Now, 8 months later and I’m back to working out, yoga, riding my bike, getting out of bed without crying, all the things I had given up hope on. He truly gave me my old life back. The entire staff there is so welcoming, kind and knowledgeable. It hasn’t been an easy journey back to where I am, but I wouldn’t have made it without them!
I called the office for the first time with a lot of pain and Doctor Joe saw me right away. Great service.
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge R.
Such a nice place... Dr. Denke takes his time to really work and fix what needs to be adjusted and gets to the root of ever problem. Very clean and professional, also a great friendly staff that helps schedule you for future appointments.
Ariell Briones
Ariell B.
Wonderful place ,great doctor,everyone is very professional and sweet.
edward duran
edward D.
Dr. Denke and his staff are very knowledgeable and efficient with diagnosing and treating injuries. Highly Recommend.
Select spine and sports is a very friendly and professional place. The staff there are very kind and great at there jobs. They have helped me with my injuries. I highly recommend them
Alan Walton
Alan W.
The customer service is amazing, the complete staff is amazing, and they make everything feel better!!!! Thank you!!!
The only guy I have consistently sent all my athletes to for over 4 years! Joe knows his stuff and creates an environment of integrity and excellence in his work.
What an awesome Dr and Staff. Always friendly and I can always get in for an appointment. He has helped me with my planters fasciitis!
Lori Ramirez
Lori R.
I had a bad case of tennis elbow that I have been dealing with for at least 3 months. My orthopedic doctor referred me to select Spine & Sports Medicine and Dr. Joe Denke. For approximately four months, I went through the therapy that they practice and recommended. I have to say, I've never dealt with more friendly and professional staff that knew what they were doing and could get the job done. Four months is a long time to go through therapy, but I can say at the end of it, I'm 100% back to normal with 100% use of my elbow. It avoided expensive surgery and expensive MRI's. I'm actually kind of sad that I'm healed, because my regular visits to them were so pleasant and I feel like I gained friends. While I will miss them, I know that they're always there if I ever need to return! Thank you so much for helping me and restoring my elbow.
I have been going to Dr Denke office for over 2 years. He and his staff are very professional. The massage therapists are great!!! I always leave feeling like a new person after a massage and adjustment. Love the information videos too!!
Quayland Bobo
Quayland B.
I came into Select Spine and Sports with SEVERE lower back pain and was diagnosed by the ER Dr. with a pinched nerve. Dr. Denke knew there was more to my symptoms and referred me to get an MRI. Turns out I had a 4.5 bulging L-5 disc. I continued with 25 treatments of Decompression and my back was no longer in pain. It's been 1 year and my back is still pain free and I have no issues with my bulging disc. I was so impressed and grateful for the level of care I received with Select Spine and Sports, and their friendly staff, I decided I wanted to be apart of the team! I've now worked here for 10 months and have seen many patients with my same past issues leave pain free.
Bethany Brookins
Bethany B.
Dr. Denke and his staff are very helpful and caring.
Aimee Reyes
Aimee R.
The best chiropractor ever.! So thankful for this clinic.!
Melody H. Rios
Melody H. R.
I was super nervous about coming here because I've never seen a chiropractor but Dr. Denke, the massage therapist and physical therapist are all amazing. I thought I was going to have to live with the back pain due my back injury and buldging discs but everyday I leave here improved. They are super informative and take the time to explain everything to you!
Dr. Denke and his staff are wonderful.
Everything there is first class service. Staff is great!!
I visited Dr. Denke after developing bad pain in my lower back and left leg that made it impossible to sit. He sent me for an MRI that showed two small bulges that were pinching the nerve. To treat the issue, he put me on a regime including decompression, electric stimulation, excercises, and adjustments. About half way through the treatment I didn't have the pain anymore and could sit again. I finished the regime and continue to do the excercises with no relapse. Dr. Denke was very knowledgable in what was causing my pain and how to treat it without medication or surgery. I would urge anyone with pain to visit Select Spine & Sports for an assessment prior to any treatments involving surgery. If you really need it, Dr. Denke will tell you and you can trust that he's got your best interests in mind.
Brad Palmer
Brad P.
Dr Denke is really great! I walk in feeling like an old crippled woman and walk out feeling like a teenager! Thank you for making me feel like myself again.
Dr. Joe Denke is awesome! have gone 3 times now for neck/shoulder/back pain and each time I feel better than b4! He is also helping my husband with his shoulder/ back issues. Crystal is also an awesome massage therapist!
I have been using Dr. Denke for 2 months! My back pain is greatly improving. He and his staff are amazing and friendly. Dr. Denke made a believer in chiropractic medicine out of me. After an injury from a car accident, I sought care. He not only assessed me quickly, he scheduled imaging and coordinated care with a spine and pain management doctor. I will continue to use him even after this injury is resolved.
Ivan Boots
Ivan B.
I've been seeing Dr. Denke and Skye for the last year now and I can't believe what a difference getting regular massage and chiropractic care makes! Dr. Denke is very thorough and professional yet friendly. I can't say enough good things about this office.
Billie Rush
Billie R.
I've been a patient for several years. The staff is always professional, on time and polite. Dr. Denke uses several methods to relief my pain and is affective. I highly recommend Select Spine & Sport Medicine.
Ralph Nicosia
Ralph N.
Finding this place for, my husband and I, has been a God send! I've seen my husband's chronic back pain lessen more and more with every visit. As for me, the tension I carry in my neck and shoulder area has gotten so much better from just one visit. I'm excited to see how much more relieved I'll feel after today's visit. I'll whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Denke and his friendly staff to anyone who asks 🙂
Cindy Ramirez
Cindy R.
I have not felt this good in over a month! I cannot say enough positive things about this establishment. Every employee was super kind, my massage and adjustment/therapy were exactly what I needed to continue to push through my prep!
Dr. Denke and his staff are amazing! He was very attentive and found solutions to reduce pain immediately. I would recommend his practice to all who need Chiropractic care.
Step hen
Step H.
Love Dr Denke! He has worked on my shoulder and back and I always feel a 100% better when I leave. He does a great job in locating the problem area and explaining what the issue is and why/how the problem area is being effected. Highly recommend!A+++++++++ experience!!!
David T
David T
I went in a week after injuring my back at work. Making the appointment as super easy, and once I got in the office everyone was very friendly and welcoming. The day after I went in was the first day in a week that I was able to stand up straight and two days later, the pain was gone. I strongly recommend this place
Justin Lawson
Justin L.
Best staff and doctors around. Now able to exercise without pain from before.
The Doctor is very personable and takes his time to work on your problem areas. Friendly staff and a great message therapist.
Arlynn Saenz
Arlynn S.
I was referred to Select Spine & Sports Medicine by a friend for my neck and shoulder pain. I had never been to a Chiropractor before but I was willing to give anything a try at this point. I really didn't know what to expect, I had always heard if you go to a Chiropractor, you have to go forever. Well, Dr. Denke told me on the first day, he didn't want me to come forever, he wanted to get me better and released as soon as possible. And that he did! I was done after just 3 weeks. Even better, each time he showed me exercises to do so this pain would not come back again. He released me and told me to come back if I ever need him again. I truly felt like wanted the best for me. I will have no problems referring anyone I know to him for any aches and pains they might have!
Greg Demarco
Greg D.
Liked the doctor and his office staff!
Vicki Cleland
Vicki C.
I have had chronic lower back pain for years. After having a terrible experience with a different chiropractor where they didn't listen, care, insufficient help, unfriendly, and oddly... too much patchouli incense burning everywhere, I pretty much swore off ever going to see a chiropractor again. Well, I finally got tired of muscling though the pain, and called up Select Spine and Sports Medicine. I could tell from my initial phone call interaction that I had come to the right place. Everyone from reception to physical therapy to Dr. Fuhrman were 100% awesome. Reception is super responsive, the physical therapist are helpful and nice, and Dr. Fuhrman is professional, sincere, and ultra knowledgeable. Best of all, my back pain is going away! I am really grateful for how Select Spine & Sports Medicine has helped me out. Google only lets me give 5 stars, but they get a million gold stars in my book. If you are unsure of where to go for chiropractic care, you won't go wrong with this group!
Jaclyn McLaughlin
Jaclyn M.
I selected Dr. Denke for his approach to wellness and sports medicine. I first visited Dr. Denke for lower and mid-back issues I'd experienced for months. While not debilitating, they were getting increasingly more painful. I felt great relief after the first two visits. I've been seeing Dr. Denke for six weeks and my back feels so much better! His knowledge and techniques go far beyond basic chiropractic. He uses active release and Graston techniques along with joint manipulation to achieve faster results. I felt very comfortable from the moment I walked in. The office is very well organized. His staff are all very professional, friendly and helpful. Thanks Miranda and Jerica! I have and will continue to recommend Select Spine & Sports Medicine to my family, friends and colleagues.Richard B
By far the best place to come with any pain needs. I've been coming here for all my sports injuries and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else for my injuries. Staff and Dr. Denke are the best of the best.
Nataly Dillard
Nataly D.
I had my first visit with Dr. Denke today for my torn pectoralis minor muscle. Everyone was so welcoming! So happy my friend referred me because I actually felt like it was a knowledgeable visit and they made me confident that I can do what I need to at home for recovery. I look forward to my next visit with him!
I was very impressed with my visits to Select Spine and Sports Medicine.The office staff was professional and the office was clean and new.I was in a lot of back pain when I visited Dr. Denke and within a few visits, I was good as new. He showed me exercises I could do at home that would help strengthen the areas that bothered me. I would highly recommend Dr. Denke of Select Spine and Sport Medicine.
Lisa Cowie
Lisa C.
Excellent staff and Dr. Joe is great
Kenny G.
Dr. Denke and his staff are awesome. Very knowledgeable and provide awesome techniques to get you right again.
Casey Devers
Casey D.
Highly recommend dr denke!!
Ashley Blake
Ashley B.
Before I came to see Dr. Denke, my back would hurt every night, I tried pain medication but nothing seemed to work, the pain wasn't that bad at first and i was able to sleep through it. But, after one year, the pain was to bad to bare and i could not seem through the night. Often i would wake up at around 4 in the morning in pain, I would toss in turn for a while, get up and try to stretch but no amount of stretching would work, I even Bought a sleep number bed to try and ease the pain! When i decided to see a chiropractor Dr. Denke had great reviews online and 5 stars. After going to see him for just ONE visit i walked out with better posture and all around better feeling! Ive been seeing Dr. Denke for more than a month now and I've yet to have one sleepless night and now i can enjoy my comfy bed like never before!! THANK YOU DR. DENKE!!!
Holly Tucker
Holly T.
It was my first time here and it's already helped me a bunch
Delaney Campbell
Delaney C.
Just completed decompression treatment for a slipped disk...I'm cured!! Dr. Denke and Jessica, Holly, and Sky made the whole experience easy and enjoyable! Thank you! #NotYourAverageDrAppt
Great and accommodating staff with very easy scheduling. Dr.Denke is experienced and knowledgeable. The other doctor that works there is rated highly by my family members too. Sara does a great job providing massage therapy relief, and is highly educated as well! A+++
Tabatha Cantrell
Tabatha C.
Dr. Denke and his staff are the best, professional, knowledgeable, friendly and clean environment. His concern not only treats the immediate but the long term as well. I highly recommend his services and we'll worth a visit.
Raymond Alderete
Raymond A.
I was expeiencing pain in both hips (couldn’t drive for more than 10 minutes without a great deal of discomfort), right rib cage was super sore, lower back pain and sciatica burning pain on right outer thigh. I couldn’t pinpoint what triggered all of this as there were multiple issues, not just one.A friend recommended I make an appointment with Dr. Joe Fuhrman. so I did. Dr. Fuhrman listened to all my complaints while asking clarifying questions throughout. Without going into all the details, I’ll simply say that I was amazed how quickly he pinpointed the problem (s). He gave me an ititial “treatment” that gave me immediate relief. I will need a few follow up sessions as healing is a process.Don’t live in pain. Go see Dr. Fuhrman.
Tom Saey
Tom S.
The staff is fantastic! They work with crazy schedules. And to top it off, Dr. Denke has helped me stay active and pain free. He knows his stuff and considering he carries an active lifestyle, too, I believe it gives him an advantage to helping out with the issue(s).
Erin Strickhouser
Erin S.
Always feel better after I’m here
Dr. Denke didn't treat my symptoms--he found my problem and we treated that! His knowledge of how the human body works is amazing.
Tim Fisher
Tim F.
I have been going to Select Spine and Sports for a couple years. Anytime I upset my chronic bad lower back I head in there and get massage therapy and an adjustment. Every time they get me back up and feeling good very quickly every time. They have great customer service and Dr.Denke is great and I have referred multiple friends and family there.
rex lawson
rex L.
Very professional and the treatment prescribed worked perfectly. Would recommend them to anybody.
Tim Mitchell
Tim M.
I highly recommend Dr. Joe Denke. He is a phenomenal chiropractor. He is very professional and utilizes contemporary techniques and instruments. I feel incredible!
I hurt my shoulder and they got me in quickly. Dr. Furhman (apologies if I spelled that wrong!) got me fixed up enough to at least move my arm around more. He was very kind and informative and gave me some exercises to help my shoulder return back to normal. Hopefully I can heal quickly and get back to my favorite hobbies ASAP! Thank you Select Spine & Sports Medicine!
He cares and explains what's going on. He is great. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Professional ,very skilled and knowledgeable Doctor.Aggressive care is what you will receive. The staff is professional and knowledgeable as well.Their goal is pain relief and they all do it well!
I would recommend Select Spine & Sports to any of my friends and family in need of a chiropractor. Joe Denke developed a personalized treatment plan which immediately resulted in pain reduction but also improved my posture over time. Joe focused on improvements to create a solution, such as strengthening postural muscles and relieving tension, rather than just treating the pain. Treatment at Select Spine & Sports was very affordable and the hours of operation very convenient for those with a busy schedule!
Karissa Reed
Karissa R.
Best chiropractor in town! Super friendly staff, and Dr. Denke takes his time with you and your needs. He doesn't rush your appointment, and he doesn't treat you as if you are just another number in line to see him. I see him on a weekly basis, and he and his staff definitely do not disappoint!
Kristyn Gonzalez
Kristyn G.
This is the first chiropractor I’ve ever visited after hearing great things from friends. I now come here weekly and have never been disappointed!
Zandria Perez
Zandria P.
I always feel so much better after just one visit! I highly recommend Dr. Denke's office!! The entire staff is personable and great!
Love the staff, the Thai massage and Dr. Denke. Never go enough, but feel awesome when I do.
Michele Brown
Michele B.
I asked around my group of friends and many told me to come to Select Spine & Sports Medicine. I was in excruciating pain and couldn’t wait for an opening. Dr. Fuhrman had an opening right away and I am here to say that I am absolutely floored! I had done everything I could think of to feel better: massage, heat, stretching, pain injections, tens unit, acupuncture, chiropractics (at another establishment), etc. I truly believed I would just have to learn to be in pain for the rest of my life. I was in pain constantly and not sleeping because of it. And I’m only 33. At my first appointment, Dr. Fuhrman was a great listener, asked lots of questions, was thorough in his exam, made sure I was as comfortable as possible, and more. I saw improvements a few days after my first appointment and it felt like a cloud had been lifted. I just left my second appointment and we are optimistic about the improvements we see. I cried like an idiot and thanked Dr. Fuhrman for taking such good care of me and for taking my pain seriously. I look forward to more treatment and improving even more! And hopefully I made his day instead of embarrassing him by crying! He is phenomenal.
Wonderful staffs and Dr. Denke is very friendly and knowledgeable! Very impressed!
Best place around! Dr. Denke is always polite and professional and does a great job. The staff is awesome. Always friendly and very helpful.
I'm a chiropractor on the northwest side of town. I knew of Dr. Denke because of his reputation treating athletes, so when my shoulder started giving me trouble recently, I reached out to him. After just one treatment, my shoulder is at least 50% better--and that's after close to 6 months of continuous pain. Thanks, doc! I hope to meet you again soon for another session.
Greg Green
Greg G.
I went to see Dr. Denke for a severe ankle sprain and was extremely pleased with the results. He helped me get back on the ankle in a much shorter period of time than I would've without his assistance. The staff is all extremely helpful as well. Overall, a wonderful experience.
Dylan Darden
Dylan D.
I was referred to Dr Denke 6 months ago. His office staff is the best!!! He has really taken the time to find the treatment I need most to help with my shoulder and neck pain. I enjoy getting the massage then an adjustment. Very clean office and very professional. I am so glad I started going to Select Spine and Sports Medicine!!!
John Qualia
John Q.
Dr. Denke and his staff are by far the friendliest people to work with. Dr. Denke was very concerned and very attentive to my needs and took the time to explain every little detail to make sure I knew exactly what was wrong with me and exactly what needed to be done in order to get the best treatment possible. I had a straight neck and 2 bulging discs that had my back in a lot of pain and even caused my arm to go numb and elbow to hurt a lot. Dr. Denke pulled up pictures and models to show me how my spine was and why it was affecting my arm and how treatment would change and fix the issue. At first I would leave Dr. Denke's office really sore from the back adjustments but of course after a couple adjustments the pain subsided. After a while I actually felt the difference and the pain started to fade away and only come back every once in a while. The more I went, I experienced less pain and felt a lot better. On top of that I was given options on which route of treatment I wanted to take and my opinions mattered, which proved that Dr. Denke's best interest was my well being. My schedule was very hectic since I would commute for work but Dr. Denke and his staff found a way to work around this and I didn't have any issues making appointments when I needed. I needed to see two more doctors for my treatment and Dr. Denke's referrals were also other great doctors. I am very satisfied with Dr. Denke and his staff and my treatments.
Rana Adi
Rana A.
Great job Everytime! Great service and knowledge! Thanks so much for all you do! Highly recommend 👍
D Rodriguez
D R.
They are the very best! I do CrossFit style training and some gymnastics, and Dr. Joe Denke helped me get through a gymnastics related soft tissue issue very quickly. He and his staff are always an absolute pleasure. I will definitely be visiting regularly for maintenance!! Will definitely refer my clients as well!
Dr. Denke has changed my life. In a few short visits, the pain in my back is gone. He is always so professional and remembers everyone. The staff is great and the massage therapists are the bomb!
Amanda Blanda
Amanda B.
I have a hard time finding someone to make a difference in how I feel but the treatments I receive from Dr Denke and the massage therapist are unbelievable! I finally found where I need to be. The staff is very welcoming and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Denke.
Michelle Kellogg
Michelle K.
Exceptional staff and doctor!
Beth Baker
Beth B.
I have been very pleased with the individualized care I have received from Dr Denke and his very capable staff! I also would highly recommend the "Thai Massage" with SKY. If you are dealing with pain or have health goals that you would like to achieve, I strongly suggest Chiropractic care, and Select Spine and Sports is the best I have found!!
I have been receiving treatment from Dr Denke and his team weekly for over 6 months and am proud to call Select Spine & Sports Medicine my go-to for Chiropractic treatment and rehab. In that short time, Dr Denke diagnosed my symptoms in the first session and created a treatment and rehabilitation plan that has *finally* given me relief to issues I have had for over 5 years with little to no success seeing other professionals. Dr Denke and his team are a full service facility, not simply a "wham bam, we clicked you back into place, come see us next week" type outfit like many other Chiropractors across the Houston area. Hint: a lot of your success in recovery lies with the work you do outside of his office! I actually came to Dr Denke with high skepticism and distrust for what a "chiropractor" stood for, but he and his team have shown me over 6 months what true integrity, standards and professionalism can look like when done right. While I cannot say that I am "fixed", those with chronic or recurring symptoms know that even a week without much pain is a huge victory. I continue receiving treatment and doing my rehab work knowing that I am on a path to the goal of being "fixed". Honestly, I am just so happy to have been referred to Dr Denke by a friend and I hope I can repay him many times over by spreading the word of how he & his team has helped me.
Anthony Trollope
Anthony T.
Very friendly staff and great service. Dr. Denke is knowlegable and very detail-oriented. I came in to get some help for my IT Band to continue with my marathon training and he not only helped the pain subside quicker, but also taught me some excercises to help strengthen the muscles for a better recovery.
Vivienne Dang
Vivienne D.
Dr. Denke is fabulous!! Upon relocating to the Friendswood/League City area, I was unsure who to entrust the care of my spine to, as I was unfamiliar with the area. Immediately following my first adjustment I knew that I had come to the right place. From the moment you walk in, you feel welcomed by his amazingly, attentive staff, then you’re off to see Dr Joe, with his very skillful hands for your adjustment. As a chiropractor myself I’m very picky about how I’m adjusted and I couldn’t be happier with the care I’ve received here. If you’re ever in the area, try them out. You won’t be disappointed!! 😍
i did one session and I'm going back I felt like they were very professional and listen to my needs.
Awesome DR for any discomfort in your body. Really friendly staff
The staff and doctor Furman are excellent. Also what amazes me is physical therapy is offered at time of visit so you dont have to go to another provider.
Starry Gray
Starry G.
I had never been to a chiropractor before in my life so I was so scared because of how much pain I was in but they made me feel very comfortable, everyone was so sweet and helpful and honestly I had been suffering from sciatic pain for over a year..the day before I walked in the office i couldn't even walk and day after I went in, I didn't have any pain at all it's been almost a week and I still have no pain..I will definitely go back if i ever need to thank you guys..
Went here for painful upper back pain and in only three sessions I was 100% again STRONGLY RECOMMEND him
Javier Carpio Jr.
Javier Carpio J.
I went to Select Spine & Sports Medicine for foot pain. The pain was keeping me from running and I did not know where to go, but a friend recommended Dr. Denke. After the exam, I found out I had plantar fasciitis. Dr. Denke worked on the soles of my feet and my calves with Active Release. Within two weeks I felt much better and I was back to running. I appreciate all the work he did for me and I would recommend anyone I know to him.
Jason Brown
Jason B.
Dr. Denke and his girls, massage therapists included, are wonderful! I had put off getting help for my sciatic nerve issues bc I wasn't convinced that a chiropractor could do much for me. BUT...they've been extremely helpful, educational and proactive with non-surgical therapies. It's only been a week, post-MRI results, but I'm optimistic that I'm going to get some real relief soon!
Good Chiropractic. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.
Great massage and awesome chiropractor! Taped my shoulder up too. I will be coming back for more maintenance.
Great Experience! Dr. Denke and his staff were very informative and got me back in shape quickly! They went above and beyond to not only fix the issues I was having but also educated me on ways to prevent future injuries.
Brandon Enander
Brandon E.
I have been seeing Dr Denke for almost 2 years and have been very pleased with all treatments rendered. He is very professional and thorough. His massage therapists are also excellent. I have seen Sky many times for massages prior to my adjustment. The combination of massage and adjustment is terrific! I highly recommend Select Spine & Sport!
Theresa Bloch
Theresa B.
I have been seeing Dr. Denke and his staff for a couple of years now. I highly recommend his services.The staff is very friendly and caring. Love it here!!
Years of incorrect form and a major car accident left me with two herniated discs, one being 10mm! I barely walked into Dr. Denke's office with radiating pain and numbness in my left leg from a pinched sciatic nerve. Today I finished my 8 week treatment of decompression and have no pain! Can't express how grateful I am to Dr. Denke and his staff! They are life savers! I would recommend any person who has back pain to go see Dr. Denke!
Dr. Denke and his team are amazing... professional, courteous, extremely capable, kind and friendly and the facility is always spotless. The scheduling and appointment reminders are first class. Extremely satisfied with every aspect of this great service in Friendswood..
Dave Brooking
Dave B.
I've been having back pain for quite awhile and have been hesitant on seeing a chiropractor. When enough was enough, I took the plunge and scheduled my first appointment. From the very beginning, the staff was wonderful and provided a step by step process of how my visit would go. Dr. Denke was very professional and detailed about what would happens during the visit. After my first adjustment by Dr. Denke, I was able to experience my first night back pain free! I can't wait for my future adjustments.
Mario F. Barcenas Jr.
Mario F. Barcenas J.
Love Dr Denke and staff best massages and great adjustments.
I have used several different chiropractors in the the Clear Lake area over the past 10 years, and Dr. Denke is my favorite. No treatment plans, no ridiculous $100 or $200 "initial exam" fee. Just effective treatment! I love that he doesn't play the games other chiropractors do to try to make more money. He just wants you to feel well again.
Jessica Lee
Jessica L.
Friendly and knowledgeable! Highly recommended!
They have helped me get back on the field faster than any other doctor I have ever been too. I strong suggest this place! People are great, there fast and I always enjoyed coming here.
Brandon Andrews
Brandon A.
Doc Denke and his staff are A++++ Friendly staff, great massages, and conveniently located in Friendswood. The techniques used really help release the tighting and muscle tension in my shoulders and neck from computer work, etc. I consistently receive a high level of service after multiple visits over the last few months.
Cynthia Qualia
Cynthia Q.
Joe Denke and staff were very thorough, diagnosed the issue immediately and have helped me work through my injury with physical therapy, massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments. I would highly recomend Select & Sports Medicine!
I had been living with back and neck pain....medical doc wanted to give me pain meds....I went to see Dr. Denke...he has been working with me for a couple months and I am close to pain free.....Dr. Denke not only adjust your spine but works on the muscles that hold it all together...the very best chiropractor I have ever been to...thank you
I had never been to a chiropractor before, and I was petrified, but I just left and already want to go back again! I'm an author, so I hunch over my laptop all day, and I've always had pretty bad posture. My upper back has been killing me, so I finally decided to bite the bullet and see a professional. After seeing the amazing reviews Dr. Denke has, I made my appointment, less than an hour later so I wouldn't chicken out, and I am SO glad I did! I loved how he told me everything he was going to do first, what to expect, and guided me through the alignment process. The machine they used beforehand was AMAZING, loosening everything up before he worked his magic. He didn't rush through anything, and took the time to really talk to me about what is going on with my back, and what I can do on my own to improve it. My husband plans on going now too!
Denke is wonderful!! His staff are the best. Always very helpful and friendly.
Lindsay Filidei
Lindsay F.
Staff caring and very compassionate. Doctor Furhman was thourough, explained everything and super compassionate with my pain. Also I really liked that provide physical therapy with the visit.
I initially went to Dr. Denke with my wife for a car accident we both were injured in. His whole team were great to us and made us feel like family. They did so good that i decided to continue going to them. I recently changed positions at work and overdid it and needed my back adjusted and some muscle work. Once again they did a great job. I will recommend Dr Denke and Select Spine and Sports to anyone.
Always come out feeling so relaxed, staff is amazing and really spends time with you, talking and listening. Dr. is great and I love that they want you to get well with exercise, stretching and good healthy choices for a full recovery not just a quick fix to keep you returning... ����
I would highly recommend to anyone! I went for some shoulder rehab after an injury upon the recommendation of someone else with a similar injury. Joe made sure to not only address the injury, but also work on strengthening the muscles. He was knowledgeable, friendly, up to date on practices, and spent the maximum appointment time working with my shoulder, as well as adjusting me. In addition, it didn't matter which person was working the front desk, they were both so sweet and friendly and made the office visit even better with their cheerful dispositions. Only good things to say about Select Spine & Sports Medicine!
Jennifer Kusnyer
Jennifer K.
I was in a car accident and was referred to Dr. Denke's office by a friend, best decision I ever made. His staff is absolutely amazing, Jerrica and Bethany are always so sweet and welcoming at the front. The whole office makes the experience less of a headache when juggling life. I will definitely be back for regular adjustments and will always refer my friends to his office.
Meagan Buggey
Meagan B.
Great Dr, excellent staff and therapy.
Eddie Pool
Eddie P.
Friendly staff and Physician! Dr. Denke really listened and has selected a program that is placing me a path to healing and pain relief.
Lori Smith
Lori S.
Dr Joe is AWESOME-SAUCE!! So gentle, great bedside manner, soft hands and AMAZING work! Thank you thank you thank you ♡♡
My first visit and my experience was top notch! The staff is friendly and Dr Denke was knowledgeable and trusting. I will be back! I highly recommend! �
Drive over an hour away to come here! Worth the trip each time. Professional, honest, and Reliable
I first went to Select Spine & Sports Medicine to have my daughter checked out for a back injury. Dr. Denke did such a great job with her and I was so impressed with his attention to detail and treatment options that I became a patient as well. He has helped me with some chronic neck and shoulder pain I have had for years. I must admit, I had seen another Chiropractor, but I seemed to be getting the same treatment as all of the other patients in the office (TENS, heat, massage and adjustment) and it was only giving me temporary relief. With Dr. Denke's approach, he actually did a thorough exam, told me not only where the problem was, but what was the cause was, what he could do to help ease my pain and gave me corrective exercises to keep the problem from coming back after I was feeling better. I am feeling better now and continue to do the exercises he prescribed to me on a regular basis. I would most definitely recommend Select Spine & Sports Medicine to anyone who is looking for an honest Chiropractor who actually wants to see his patients get better, not just keep them coming back forever.
Lesley Wilson
Lesley W.
Dr. Joe Denke is more than just a professional at his craft. He cares for his patients and goes the extra mile to make sure you are treated with the upmost care and hospitality while getting your health back to a full 100%.
Adam Torres
Adam T.
Dr. Denke has helped me greatly to recover from bulging disc l3, l4,l5. With out him and his knowledgeable staff i would have to have surgery. Thanks Dr. Denke
Steven Miller
Steven M.
Knowledgeable Chiro, always smiling techs and exceptional massage therapists. Will definitely refer friends and family!
Leslie Fortenberry
Leslie F.
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, with some top of the line equipment. Thank you
Doug Salinas
Doug S.
massage was absolutely the best.
Shout-out to Joe Denke -- My mom wrote me to say her new chiropractor was one of my high school classmates. She said he did a great job and she'll be going back soon! 👍
Select Spine and Sports helped me recover from a lower back injury. Dr. Denke is focused on recovery not reaccurance.
Awesome experience. Very efficient and extremely professional. Love the consistency of care. You'll always know who is treating you. No surprises.
Ed Puckett
Ed P.
Great people they are the best..
Kelly Shattuck
Kelly S.
I highly recommend Select Spine and Sports!!! I went in with a lot of neck and shoulder discomfort and Dr. Denke and his team were able to help me on my road to recovery with therapeutic messages and adjustments.Thanks to them I am able to live my life to the fullest without any discomfort:)
Harmony Rios
Harmony R.
Dr. Denke is THE BEST. I’ve been going to him since I had my youngest, and he’s helped me tremendously with my chronic back pain. All these athletes that go to see him are fantastic, but he’s great for those of you that are also momming so hard you throw out & pinch a nerve in your back lifting your kids 🙌🏻
dr denke and his staff are phenomenal so friendly and efficient diagnosed me right away and i felt better after just the first visit
tyler garcia
tyler G.
Best chiropractor I've ever been to hands down.
Dr. Denke is very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. After trying many different Chiropractors in the past 6 years, I found that Dr. Denke has been the one that has consistently improved and maintained my back/neck problem. He knows exactly what I'm referring to when I explain my aches and pains. I always leave his office pain free. So if you are looking for a chiropractor that not only gives you spinal adjustments, but also muscle treatment specific to your sport/activity then he is the chiropractor for you!
Claudia Aguilar
Claudia A.
This is the best chiropractor's office I have ever been in. As soon as you walk in the door they are very friendly, helpful and attentive. I have had the best experience with getting my back feeling better in no time. I would recommend Dr Denke to everyone. He is by far the best!
Lynn Carreon
Lynn C.
Dr. Denke is a great chiropractor. He definitely has a practice that is not typical of traditional chiropractic clinics. His goal is to get you feeling better with very few visits. He not only corrects alignment problems, he works on soft tissue disorders too. He educates his patients and teaches them exercises, postural correction and other strategies in an attempt to keep the pain from returning. Dr. Denke is also experienced in Kinesiotaping. I highly recommend Dr. Denke. The office staff is very welcoming and caring as well. GO SEE HIM!!!!
Tracey Barr
Tracey B.
Early this summer I had a painful back injury. After numerous unsuccessful visits to my previous chiropractor, I decided to give Dr Denke a try. I am so glad I did. After just a few visits he had me pain free as well as he developed a strength and flexibility program to help me avoid this particular problem in the future. So far it's worked great! I haven't been able to stay out of the chiropractor office for more than a month at a time for many years. Now I only visit every 3-4 months for routine maintenance!
Clark Carroll
Clark C.
No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work
accident or otherwise, our Chiropractors in Friendswood welcome the chance to assist in your recovery.

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